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Brand Cialis - Your Decent Answer to Erectile Dysfunction!

Brand Cialis is the relatively new drug that has been designed to solve men's problems caused by erectile dysfunction. Most problems in personal life nowadays are the result of the absence of intimacy between men and their wives because of the ED, which has a lot of reasons and one of them is stress. When you notice the first signs of impotence, don't waste your time for hesitations and start doing something. The best possible way to get rid of doubts and make your life brighter again is to consult the doctor, who will be able to prescribe the appropriate dose of such effective remedy as Cialis. Lets' consider its main features and what it may offer men with sexual problems.

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How does Brand Cialis work?

After Brand Cialis has appeared at the market, specialists recommend it to all men who would like to overcome all difficulties, which arise due to the erection problems. Among a great number of similar drugs, Brand Cialis differs with its safety and effectiveness.

Cialis, like other similar formulation aimed at improving erection and treatment of erectile dysfunction of various degrees of complexity. Acting almost the same, drugs of this class have one mechanism of action- they improve blood flow to the penis, which in its turn, is able to promote sexual arousal. Many men believe that Cialis and similar drugs arouse sexual desire. They are very much mistaken. If you are not in the mood of having intimacy with your partner, arousal and psychological attraction to the lady, Cialis will not help when you are not excited.

The undoubted advantage of Cialis is the fact that it can be used by men with diabetes. 68% of diabetic men, who were testing the drug noticed a significant improvement in potency, despite the fact that erectile dysfunction in diabetics is expressed most strongly.

How does Cialis differ from other drugs of the same category?

Now let's consider how much Cialis differs from other drugs offering the same results:

  1. First of all, Cialis is very famous because of the effect it can provide you with lasts much longer: after taking the drug you will be able to feel the effect within 36 hours. Agree, that this is not a bad result!
  2. Secondly, this drug is very rapidly absorbed into the blood, hence the effect is manifested much faster.
  3. Thirdly, Cialis has no effect on blood pressure, as well as vision and color perception.

What are the conditions for the use of Cialis?

Experts recommend men to take one tablet of Cialis 30 minutes before the expected intimacy. One of the benefits is that you can eat before using Cialis as there are no restrictions when to have meals. This can't influence the action of the pill. The action, as it was already mentioned, is going to continue for 36 hours. During this time, a man can make a virtually unlimited number of sexual acts. Cialis is a drug that is recommended for men with the most severe violations of erectile dysfunction, there are no restrictions to take it.

The dosage of Cialis

The dosage of Cialis can be increased to 20 mg. However, each organism is different and that's why it is better to check which dose helps you better. Some specialist advise to start from the lowest dose. the use of tablets with a lower dose, as every body is different. The minimum dose is 2.5 mg, which can be your starting dose, in case you don't have any allergic reaction, you can increase it choosing the next one - 5 mg. Everything will depend on your individual tolerability. 10 mg is the commonly used dose for the most number of men. It is necessary to follow the prescriptions of your healthcare specialist and not overdose the drug intake to avoid side effects.

Which effect does Cialis have on spermatogenesis?

Men may not worry about spermatogenesis, sperm production remains at the same level and Cialis has no effect on the quality and quantity of sperm. Do not worry about the reproductive function, it will remain in the norm, the probability of conception will not change. Accordingly, do not forget, that Cialis and drugs, which have similar action can't help to improve the reproductive function, in any case, it is not a cure for infertility.

How often can you use Cialis?

Do not take Cialis every day. It can harm your health. In no case, do not try to take more than one pill of Cialis a day: this will lead to a strong overdose and entail unpleasant consequences.

Are there any contraindications to the reception of Cialis?

Cialis has certain contraindications. It is impossible to use the drug in the following cases:

  • in a combination with other similar ED drugs, with drugs containing nitrates or nitric oxide in its composition.
  • it is also necessary to take great care using this drug for men suffering from serious disorders of the cardiovascular system.
  • Care must be taken to take the drug for men who have a tendency to priapism, or congenital deformity of the penis.

The best thing you can do in such cases is to consult your doctor. Of course, the drug is completely contraindicated in women and children under 18 years old.

Side effects of Cialis

Among the possible adverse effects there are the following, which were identified due to the reports of some patients taking the drug:

  • indigestion,
  • muscle pain,
  • backache,
  • blood flow to the capillaries,
  • headache,
  • nasal congestion.

Compatibility of Cialis and alcohol

You should not take Cialis together with alcohol, it significantly weaken the effect of the drug. However, there is a generic of Cialis- Cialis Soft, which is a pill that is being dissolved under the tongue, it can be combined with alcohol and fatty food. The effect of Cialis Soft can't be influenced neither by food nor alcohol.

Generics of Brand Cialis

Generics are analogues of the original Cialis, which include the same active ingredient tadalafil in the same concentration. Those generics have absolutely identical effect on the body as the original brand drug. Generics of Cialis can be found at a lower price, because the producing firms do not have to spend money on the development of drugs - they have a ready-made recipe and built on it similar medicines. In case you have noticed some side effects using Cialis, it is recommended to change the drug with another active substance, for example, those based in Sildenafil or Vardenafil.