Everything You Wanted to Know about Generic Viagra

If you have noticed problems in sexual life, it is advisable to consider such effective and affordable drug for ED as Generic Viagra, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Generic Viagra is a tablet made using the technology of the popular brand drug with precise preservation of the composition, efficiency, features of the action, as well as rules of application, but with a more affordable price. The drug is designed to overcome problems with erectile function, allowing a qualitative restoration of the potency and ensuring normal conditions for the onset of a natural erection. Modern generic Viagra is designed for both self-use and as a component of the treatment course recommended by the doctor for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. The long-term practice of using generic drugs showed mainly high results and almost complete absence of cases of its ineffective application.

How does Generic Viagra work?

Viagra generic has the same main active ingredient Sildenafil as Brand Viagra. The composition of the drug includes other auxiliary components, aimed at maximum assimilation of the drug, minimizing adverse reactions and enhancing the action of the main substance. Due to the fact that the generic sildenafil contains a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type, an unusually strong curative effect is provided even in the most severe cases of erectile pathologies. Fast action is one of the most important benefits of sildenafil as reviews of men confirm. Thirty minutes after taking the medicine, the blood vessels relax, which creates the conditions for the onset of a more persistent and prolonged natural erection. The drug provides an increased flow of blood to the genitals, allowing to fill the penis with blood. Regarding how much sildenafil acts, clinical studies and the experience of men show that the effect lasts up to five hours. At the end of this period, the effect gradually weakens and completely disappears.

What are the recommendations concerning the use of Viagra Generic?

Depending on the individual characteristics of the man who plans to take the drug Generic Viagra, the method of administration and dose may slightly vary. The recommended dose is 50 mg of the drug, but with individual selection, the dosage can be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100 mg, which is the maximum possible dose. The drug should be swallowed with a plenty of water. It is unacceptable to take Viagra together with fatty foods and alcohol. It should be noted that Sildenafil is not addictive. It is easily tolerated and is not the causative agent. A man's natural sexual arousal is required for the onset of the effect.

Viagra Generic should be taken with caution in the following cases:

  • anatomical deformation of the penis;
  • diseases accompanied by bleeding;
  • exacerbation of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
  • in the first 6 months after myocardial infarction, stroke; severe arrhythmias.

Are there any side effects caused by Generic Viagra?

According to the clinical studies of the generic, in rare cases its reception can be accompanied by mild and short-term adverse reactions. So, the Viagra generic may cause the following unwanted effects:
  • the appearance of blood tides to the face,
  • headache,
  • abnormal gastrointestinal function,
  • rapid heart rate,
  • nasal congestion,
  • impaired sense of smell and color perception.
However, these side effects aren't common and are likely in case a man is contraindicated to the intake of ED drugs or has taken more than the recommended dose.

What are the possible side effects of Generic Viagra?

Nowadays there are many drugs to increase potency. Viagra is the first pharmaceutical preparation of this group and, perhaps, the most famous one. As Viagra Generic its complete analogue, it has the same things to keep in mind when you want to use it. Millions of consumers report about its positive effect. But there is also a downside to the medal - these are the contraindications and side effects of Viagra as well as Generic Viagra, which will be discussed here.

Contraindications to the use of Viagra

The first thing you should check when you are going to use Viagra Generic as the drug for ED treatment is the list of contraindications, which is not long but still has some health conditions that may prevent you from using the drug. You aren't recommended to take Viagra Generic in following cases:
  • Your age is under 18;
  • You have hypersensitivity to Sildenafil and any other substance that is part of the drug;
  • You suffer from cardiovascular diseases;
  • You have been diagnosed leukemia;
  • You have myeloma;
  • You have renal failure;
Since sildenafil is involved in biochemical processes associated with the exchange of nitric oxide, it can interact with other medicines called nitrates, which are used to treat heart disease. Therefore, any man who takes nitrates in any form, should not take sildenafil under any circumstances. In case you ignore the contraindications and suffer from one of the mentioned health problems you risk experiencing serious side effects.

Who should take Viagra with caution?

Caution in the use of Viagra Generic (sildenafil) is necessary for people who are going to administer various kinds of mechanisms after taking the drug. Sometimes after taking Viagra in humans, a rapidly changing color change can occur with a predominance of blue colors. In this regard, one of the American airlines has forbidden its pilots to take Viagra an hour before the flights. People with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart failure, stenocardia, impaired cerebral circulation) need constant medical supervision if take Viagra. The caution here is based on the fact that sexual intercourse is a serious physical strain for a person with cardiac problems. This should be remembered if there are such symptoms as pain in the heart at physical load and / or at rest, memory and mental disability, progressing over the past few months. Serious approach to the issue should take place if a man suffered a heart attack or stroke recently. This means that it is better to consult a doctor about the advisability of taking Sildenafil.

Which side effects are possible if take Generic Viagra?

It is known that Viagra Generic refers to PDE-5 inhibitors that are effective for 60-80% of patients. They are usually safe and well tolerated. However, this does not eliminate the presence of side effects. In general, according to the study of Viagra and experience of those men who have already used Generic Viagra, the drug may provoke the following side effects:
  • headache (15.8%);
  • sudden redness of face and neck (10.5%);
  • absence of smell (5.5%) and redness of the nasal cavity (4.2%).
These side effects were, as a rule, transient, mild and moderate in character, and did not dictate the need for cessation of treatment. It is necessary to be careful if you have previously had priapism. Although no reports on the occurrence of priapism with Sildenafil have been recorded to date, patients who are predisposed to it should also have serious medical supervision. From all of the above, it can be concluded that the current knowledge of Viagra Generic allows taking the drug for both episodic and long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind all precautions.

Why does Viagra Generic cost less than Brand Viagra?

Men suffering from problems in sexual life face the problem of choice: Generic Viagra or Brand Viagra. Generic costs several times less compared to the brand drug and this seems to be a great advantage, however, some representatives of the strong sex may think that the lower price means worse quality and no desirable effect. Here you will find more about the difference, which makes it possible to provide men with the cheaper version of Viagra.

What influences the Generic Viagra price?

Viagra is the patented name of Pfizer. And before the expiry of the patent, no company producing tablets has the right to use the same name, so the new tablets received the name Generic Viagra. When a new drug appears, the company that developed it receives a patent for it, which gives it exclusive rights to produce this drug. After the expiry of the patent, other companies can bring this product to the market under their own name. This patent during its operation protects the developer from copying the drug by other companies to allow the return of spent funds for research and development, making it an exclusive manufacturer of the product. After the expiration of the patent, other companies can produce generics of these drugs. They are cheaper, because generic manufacturers do not have such development costs as manufacturers of branded drugs did.

Is there any connection between the cost and quality of Generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra is not inferior to Brand Viagra. Effect, action, duration, quality and chemical composition of the Generic Viagra is the same as that of the original tablets. The only difference between the generic form of the brand, so this is that Generic Viagra may have another form of tablets as well as the color and the taste. The same tablets but the price is much cheaper. Sure that generics of Viagra are gaining popularity as not everyone can afford getting the expensive Brand Viagra, especially taking into account that there is no difference in the drug properties. Generic Viagra acts by relaxing the smooth muscles of a man's penis and widening the cavernous bodies and arteries of the penis. As a consequence, the man's penis starts to receive more blood, which is why the erection occurs and the time that is required to complete the sexual intercourse continues. Typically, the action of Generic Viagra is observed for 4 hours. After the end of sexual intercourse, the penis returns from the erect condition to the usual one and with the next sexual stimulation an erection again occurs. The average dose of Generic Viagra is 100 mg, - one tablet. Take Generic Viagra before meals as it is better absorbed. The drug starts working in 30-60 minutes. The action of Brand Viagra and its generic version is the same as they are based on the same basic component Sildenafil. This means that they have the same contraindications and side effects. That's why the choice is obvious: why pay more if Generic is the same high-quality drug able to solve your ED problems.

Where to buy cheap Viagra Generic?

Buy Viagra Generic at much more reasonable price is a choice of men who know the value of money and prefer paying for the effect of the drug instead of the brand name. The best way to get Generic Viagra at an affordable price is making online order. Generic Viagra online is offered during 24 hours 7 days per week, which is much more convenient in comparison with local pharmacies where the price may be higher than the one you can pay giving preference to online drugstore. Moreover, generics of Viagra are produced in several forms. You can choose the most suitable one. When buying Viagra Generic online you are able to stay anonymous as the customer's confidentiality is of major priority for the online drugstore.

Is it possible to get Viagra Generic without prescription?

Viagra was created specifically for men who experience some difficulties in maintaining an erection. Many men think that it is impossible to get Generic Viagra for ED treatment without a prescription, however, it is not obligatory to have it if you buy Viagra online. It is necessary to keep in mind that the drug may have certain contraindications. That's why it is recommended to be careful reading instructions of the drug. When buying no prescription Viagra Generic, you have an opportunity to consult a doctor online if you have some doubts concerning the drug principle of action and your individual health problems if there are any.

More about Viagra Generic

Viagra is the most popular and one of the most effective medicines for increasing potency in the whole world. Viagra provides a powerful blood flow to the penis and prevents its outflow, while erection occurs only if there is sexual arousal. Viagra is not a hormonal remedy or aphrodisiac, which allows most patients to take Viagra Generic daily. If you have at least some problems with erection, you can safely take Viagra, after which your sexual life will definitely improve. But there are people who cannot use this drug. Those who are contraindicated have the following health problems:
  • those who have hypersensitivity;
  • those who take medicines that contain nitric oxide or nitrates;
  • those who have heart problems;
  • those who have any pathology of the genitourinary system.
If you don't have any health problems from the list above, you can get Viagra Generic without prescription and feel on the safe side. However if you know that you have the health problems from the list of Viagra contraindications  it is better to consult a doctor who, perhaps, will write out a prescription that should be followed. Sometimes, after taking Viagra, you may feel headache, sensitivity to light may increase, and sometimes vision may be disturbed. But these side effects aren't obligatory. In general the drug is safe if you follow the intake recommendations and don't increase the dose. Taking Viagra is necessary when sexual activity is planned. Ideally, if you receive the funds an hour before. It is recommended not to eat more than 50 mg per day, because it can and disrupt the genitourinary system. But, taking into account the tolerance and effect, the dose is allowed to be increased. By the way, most elderly people do not need dosage, especially if they have disrupted the normal activity of the kidneys and liver.

How to get no prescription Viagra Generic?

If you don't feel like seeing a doctor, it is not a problem as you can get the professional consultation online staying anonymous. It is possible to get Viagra Generic no prescription via the internet. A lot of online drugstores offer to buy ED drugs without the doctor's prescription as Viagra Generic is available without the obligatory recipe. There is no risk taking Viagra if you know that there are no serious health conditions, which may prevent you from using any erectile dysfunction pills. Make an online order and receive your drug order without delays choosing online drugstore, where you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits, besides anonymity and no prescription drugs. One of the main advantages is lower price compared to the local pharmacies.

Why is Viagra Generic no prescription online a great option to choose?

There are a lot of reasons why to give preference to online no prescription Viagra Generic, among which there are the following:
  • Opportunity to save time getting a drug without going out;
  • Possibility to get professional medical consultation online;
  • Chance to stay anonymous;
  • Opportunity to save much time and energy getting Viagra Generic without prescription.

Where to get Generic Viagra at affordable price?

After getting acquainted with all important information concerning Viagra's intake, the question arises where you can buy Viagra Generic. After all, if you go to the nearest pharmacy, you can see that the tablet is not a cheap one. Therefore, the best option is a generic Viagra purchase in the online store where the medicine costs several times cheaper. And you won't need to worry about the fact that the cheaper Viagra is of worse quality as it is not like this. The drug is produced in India and only qualitative components and strict adherence to the technology of creation are used. Today, buying Viagra via the internet is quite simple and easy. All that is required from the buyer is to go to the site, choose a medicine and pay for the drug online. Having decided to buy and try the generic Viagra, you can be sure that the result will be great. After about 40-50 minutes you will be able to feel its effect, which is going to last up to 5 hours.

What is the procedure of buying Viagra Generic online?

It is very easy to buy Viagra Generic via the internet. There are several simple steps to take to get the desirable love pill:
  • Read Viagra Generic instructions to make sure you don't have any contraindications;
  • Consult specialist online if you have any doubts concerning the intake of ED drug;
  • Choose the appropriate dose of the drug;
  • Fill out an order providing the basic personal information required for the delivery of Viagra Generic (contact telephone number, delivery address, method of payment you choose, e-mail)
  • Pay for the drug online choosing the most suitable payment option among the offered ones;
  • Choose the delivery method you like most and expect Viagra Generic to come to the mentioned address within 72 hours.
There is no need to worry about your personal details provided as they are completely safe. The contact information you are going to share buying Generic Viagra online will be protected from any unauthorised use.

Which benefits will you be able to enjoy buying Viagra Generic online?

If you go shopping for Viagra Generic online, you will get a lot of pros. The first one is convenience of making purchases as you don't need to go to the local pharmacies. Moreover, the price can vary in your local pharmacies as well. To get the best deal you will need to compare prices in several local pharmacies, which is not always possible due to the lack of time. You can avoid this problem by comparing drug prices online and choosing the best one in the internet drugstore. You can make an order during 24 hours 7 days per week. Customer support is at your disposal round the clock. The price of Generic Viagra online depends on the form of release and the number of tablets in the blister pack. The more pills you buy, the cheaper will be the cost of one tablet. Be sure that the price in online store is guaranteed 2-3 times lower than the average market value of the brand drug Viagra. Besides the lower cost, you will be able to stay anonymous and get your order via mail or with the courier. Confidentiality is what you will 100% get giving preference to buying Viagra online. No need to share your problems with anybody when you make an order online, which saves your time and nerves making the whole process of getting a drug much easier. Getting Viagra online is a good alternative to drugs offered at local pharmacies as here each client can enjoy individual approach and top-notch quality service. You can order delivery to your house, office or any other place that you want and be sure that it will be on time. Buying Viagra online is completely risk free as you have the right not to accept the drug in case the package is damaged. If there are any problems with your order, it will be substituted with the new one as soon as possible.

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