September 28, 2021

Which Nicotine Level Should I Choose?

By nera

In this paragraph we try to give a rough indication to a question, which, as we have said, is very delicate. A clue can give you the type of cigarettes you consume (red pack, blue pack, ultra-thin, etc.), but the nicotine grade will have to take into account the model of e-cig you will choose and how you will get used to its use.

It will be the experience and perseverance that will make you understand how to best calibrate the nicotine in your vape juiceĀ best cbd vape juice.

How to choose the vape juicecompatible with your electronic cigarette

When it comes to the compatibility of juices we must first of all explain what this compatibility concerns, what are the variables to consider and what problems could arise. With this article we will explain how to combine a vape juicewith a device . You will only have to learn a few notionsĀ  about the density of the vape juiceand the absorbency of the cartridge or pod.

G and water where present). If you want to learn more, read our article on the composition of juices for electronic cigarettes .

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PG (or Propylene Glycol) is the component of the vape juicethat gives fluidity, perception of the aroma and hit in the throat. Glycol is almost as fluid as water.

The VG (or Vegetable Glycerol) is instead very dense and based on the percentage present in the vape juicewe will obtain more or less vapor and softness of the latter (in large part it is only an “optical” effect).

The water (or h2o) is plain double purified pharmaceutical grade water.

The higher the percentage of VG, the denser the liquid, while if the percentage of PG is higher the vape juicewill be more fluid!

The relationship between VG and PG is very important because it gives us an important indication of the compatibility of the vape juicewith our device.

In general we can say that e-cigarettes per cheek shot (MTL) work much better with juices with a low percentage of Glycerol (up to 50).


We hope to have removed some doubts about the nature and importance of nicotine in the correct use of the electronic cigarette. We would like to clarify that, in addition to the various precautions on the choice of the device, the vape juiceand the nicotine, at the basis of a winning path of abandoning the vice there is always willpower and a solid determination . Even if the electronic device is a valid ally, it alone will not make you quit smoking! It is up to you to choose and really want it!

Good life to everyone.