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September 20, 2022

A variety of problems arise when it comes to inventory management.

By nera

In addition to increasing your order volumes as you expand your eCommerce business, you will find it more complex to fulfill orders from multiple sales channels as you move into new sales channels and different markets. As you manage your inventory management system manually, this will eventually tip from manageable to out-of-control. Manual inventory management is fraught with difficulties.

Getting your stock levels across all platforms takes a lot of time, including processing orders from each sales channel separately and performing regular manual stock checks. That time could be better invested in building anĀ inventory management system for your business instead. In addition to a lack of visibility into real-time stock levels, lapses in reordering when stock levels are low may also result in stockouts and missed sales due to reconciling this information.

inventory management system

Furthermore, human error can lead to overselling issues, disappointing customers, wasted marketing budgets, and reputational damage. You could also get suspended from specific marketplaces. You could lose valuable sales if you miss out on valuable sales and do not automatically reactivate listings when a product is back in stock. The answer is to automate the hard work and implement an inventory management system.

Managing your inventory efficiently can have many key benefits for your business. We’ll explain in this article what these benefits mean and how they can also affect other aspects of your business. Your stock levels at any given point can also be tracked with precise, granular accuracy once you know each product’s location.

Managing your inventory becomes a core part of your business growth strategy when you can automatically track how much stock you have and where it is. To forecast inventory planning and automate the reordering process, you can use accurate inventory information across every sales channel to create even more efficiencies in your stock management process once you have maintained accurate inventory details across every channel.