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January 15, 2023

All You Need To Know About The Price Setting While Selling Your House

By nera

Most home sellers dream of a stress-free sale in which they simply list their house, quickly find a qualified buyer, collect the cash and hand over the keys. If only it were that simple! In reality, selling a home involves many moving parts — some that you can control, and some that are out of your hands. For example, geography might influence how long your house lingers on the market or how much mark-up you can get away with. Where competition is high and inventory is low, odds are you’ll sell faster and command a higher price. Conversely, in places where home sales have cooled, homeowners will likely have to work harder to attract the right buyer. In this article, we will talk about how you should set the price according to your house and geography and at the end we will give you the best real estate agent to sell your house faster.

How to set a realistic price to sell your home?

Even in competitive markets, buyers don’t want to pay more than what the comparables, or “comps” show, so it’s crucial to get the pricing right. Going too high can backfire, while underestimating a home’s value might cause you to leave money on the table. To price your home right from the start, consult your neighborhood’s comps. These are data sheets about recently sold properties in a specific area. At a glance, you can get an idea of what homes around you are selling for.

After your home officially hits the market and buyers have seen it, ideally the offers will start rolling in. This is where a real estate agent is your best advocate and go-to source for advice. If your local market is competitive and favors sellers, buyers will likely offer at or above asking price. You might even get multiple bids. On the other hand, if sales are slow in your area and you don’t get many offers, you may have to be open to negotiating. If you’re lucky enough to get multiple offers, you might be tempted to simply go with the highest one.  But if not then you will have to open to sell your house below (not much) the ask.

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