Avodart If you have such unpleasant health problem as benign prostate tumors, don’t be upset as this can be easily treated with the help of such effective medication as Avodart, which is well-known for its effectiveness, fast and safe mild action as well as the guaranteed results. Here you will be able to find out more about the appropriate doses and effects of the drug to get the best possible results following the instructions provided here.

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Thigs you need to know about Avodart

Avodart is produced in gelatin capsules of yellow color in blister packs of 10 capsules, 3 or 9 blisters in one package. The action is aimed at the decrease of the prostate tissue. The drug successfully reduces its dimensions. Avodart is effectively used to:

  • decrease the risk of acute urinary retention
  • treat and prevent the benign prostate tumors
  • exclude the necessity for surgery

Avodart capsules are may be combined with medications drugs affecting the hormone controlling metabolism. The active component of the drug is dutasteride, which affects the hormonal metabolism of the prostate gland, due to which the hormone-dependent tissue’s size decreases without surgery. According to the instructions Avodart should be used by men who have been diagnosed:

  • prostate hyperplasia
  • benign prostate cancer
  • acute urinary retention

Being the main active substance of Avodart, Dutasteride penetrates through the skin, that’s why it is recommended to avoid any contact with damaged capsules. Don’t give it to children. Wash the contaminated skin with soap and water if there was a contact.

Good news that Avodart can’t influence the ability to drive as well as do anything that requires concentration.

Who is contraindicated to use Avodart?

Though there are not a lot of contraindications, Avodart still has some situations when a person is not allowed to take this medication. This refers to those patients who have the hypersensitivity to Avodart. Special care should be taken when a patient has liver failure. Women and children are also contraindicated to use Avodart medication.

Things to remember while using Avodart

Take Avodart any time as its intake doesn’t depend on the mealtime. One capsule with 0.5 mg of active substance once per day will be enough to get the desired result in the end of the treatment course. Don’t overdose the drug despite the fact that there was no data about its overdose. Six months is required to receive the maximum therapeutic effect according to the recommendations of specialists but every organism is individual and you may notice improvement in your health condition even faster. Compared to other drugs, the period of action of Avodart is considered to be short.

What are the side effects of Avodart?

If you take Avodart, you should be careful while reading about the possible side effects caused by the main active ingredient dutasteride:

  • From the side of the immune system: the allergic reactions (rash, pruritus, urticaria, localized edema), angioedema.
  • From the side of the reproductive system of the body: change in libido, ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction in men, gynecomastia (the presence of pain and breast enlargement).
  • From the side of the skin (alopecia and hypertrichosis).

Inform your doctor if you have had any of the mentioned side effects in order your healthcare specialist consider the probability to continue using Avodart or to use one of its analogs if you have individual intolerability to the ingredients of the drug. However, you should get a consultation of your doctor before taking a decision to change the drug during the course of treatment. Otherwise, you may not get the benefits Avodart is going to provide you with as the effect will be noticed in the end of the course. Not complete course of treatment may also improve your health but for the short period of time and then your health problems will return again, if you don’t take the medication following the instructions concerning the prescribed doses and terms of having the drug.

The mentioned side effects have been reported very rarely. Besides those listed, it is possible to have potency disorders, decreased sexual desire, increase in mammary glands. Avodart is able to decrease the sperm quantity about twice, reducing mobility and the number of sperm in case of using the drug longer than 52 weeks. But all unwanted effects are going to disappear after you stop taking the medication.

Clinical studies have shown that after taking Avodart up to 40 mg once per day, which is up to 80 times higher than the therapeutic recommended dose during the week, there haven’t been reported serious adverse reactions.

Due to the fact that there is no any antidote of dutasteride, symptomatic and supportive treatment will be enough in case you have an overdose of the drug.

Avodart and pregnancy

A particularly dangerous is to use Avodart during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. This means that pregnant women and those who may be pregnant are recommended to avoid any contacts with the damaged capsules of Avodart as it was already mentioned that its main component dutasteride can be absorbed through the skin, which will influence the development of the male fetus.

Using a condom during the intercourse is required due to the fact that dutasteride is able to penetrate the sperm of men who take the drug. Women who are pregnant should avoid having any sexual relations with those men who have the treatment with Avodart as their semen may contain the harmful concentration of the main ingredient. Women who have had any contacts with the men taking Avodart should consult the doctor to be sure that there is no risk for the child.

Which analogs does Avodart have?

In case you have experienced some side effects taking Avodart, you can try to use one of its analogs from this list: Finpros, Prosterid, Finasteride-OBL, Finasta, Finasteride, Penester, Urofin, Sonirid Duo, Proscar, Alfinal, Zerlon.

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