Month: October 2017

New York scientists uncovered Cape Fear River GenX story.

Two Environmental protection agency chemists located in New York are members of an worldwide scientific movement tracking industrial chemicals of interest.

By Catherine Clabby

Mark Strynar and Andy Lindstrom haven't had high profiles within the dramas happening in public places since chemical contamination of Cape Fear River consuming water is made public last June.

But without

ACLU wants Flint kids screened for impact of lead.

Up to 50 % from the 102 Superfund homes in East Chicago tested by Environmental protection agency had lead paint. Whose job could it be to get rid of?

EAST CHICAGO — For over a year now, the U.S. Ecological Protection Agency continues to be ridding families' yards of toxic soil targeted underneath the agency's Superfund program. 

Environmental protection agency also has sampled select homes for hazardous lead-based paint, but a company spokesperson stated other product intends to take it off