Nolvadex Nolvadex refers to the pharmacological anticancer hormonal agents and antagonists of hormones. Providing anti-estrogenic and anticancer pharmacological effect it is used in the treatment of the breast cancer that happens to women entering menopause period often. Nolvadex is intended to be used in case a patient has been diagnosed one of the following health problems: breast cancer, endometrial cancer, anovulatory infertility, oligospermia, pituitary tumors, renal cancer, soft tissue sarcoma. If you have one of the mentioned diseases, then be careful finding out more about the principle of work and rules of usage of Nolvadex treatment.

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Mechanism of Nolvadex action

Nolvadex is based on the active component – Tamoxifen, which is opposed to estrogen as it stops at the receptors of the hormone. According to the fact that a lot of breast cancer forms are sensitive to estrogen, blocking its action is a property of the main substance, which has been used successfully in the treatment of this disease. Nolvadex is successfully used with the aim to prevent breast cancer in women with the genetic predisposition to this diagnose.

If men’s body accumulates a lot of estrogen, which means that there is a chance to experience gynecomastia, when the female breast tissue starts developing. Besides this, much estrogen results in the fact that the liquid is retained in the organism for the longer period of time and muscle lose relief. Moreover, high estrogen levels in the blood may lead to the adipose tissue accumulation. Nolvadex has a pronounced anti-estrogen effect, which is helpful fighting against increasing levels of estrogen. Males and females with normal estrogen levels may use Nolvadex in order to make muscles solid.

Nolvadex is a proven drug of top-notch quality that is the most popular among anti-estrogens that athletes use. As for the stronger sex, men can use this drug without any worries while females are recommended to take special care to any signs of unwanted effects as women’s body is more sensitive to the fluctuations of the estrogen hormone.

How to take Nolvadex?

The drug is intended to be used internally. Take 10-20 mg two or three times per day during the course – 2,4-9,6 g in order to treat various forms of breast cancer, endometrial, kidney cancer; the treatment should be started before you notice any symptoms of the regression and over the following one or two months. In case of anovulatory infertility it is recommended to take 10 mg twice per day during 4 days starting on the 2d day of menstruation and the further dose can be increased to 20 mg and then 40 mg. If there is a separation of milk after birth – 10 mg 4 times per day during 5 days course. If there is oligospermia it is recommended to have 10 mg twice per day.

Which contraindications does Nolvadex have?

Before using Nolvadex, it is necessary to check if you are not contraindicated to its use. There is a list of health conditions, which should be a sign that you should avoid taking Nolvadex. They are the following diagnoses:

  • hypercalcemia;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • leukopenia.

Inform your doctor if you have had one of the mentioned contraindications.

Nolvadex and pregnancy

Don’t take Nolvadex in case you are pregnant due to the number of reports informing about the negative effects caused by the medication while pregnancy. If to be more exact, there are cases of spontaneous abortions, birth defects and even fetal deaths. This information was provided by women who used Nolvadex during the pregnancy. However, according to the study, which was conducted in the sphere of reproductive toxicology, where rats, rabbits and monkeys were used for tests, no teratogenic potential was shown.

In any case women are recommended to take some measures to prevent pregnancy while taking Nolvadex and use some effective contraceptive means to ensure the chance to become pregnant. Patients in the pre-menopausal should be examined before prescribing treatment with the help of Nolvadex with the same aim – to be sure that there is pregnancy as exactly during this period many women become pregnant and discover this not immediately thinking that they can’t have children any more. All these measures are required in order not to risk the fetus safety.

Which side effects can Nolvadex cause?

If you have noticed any signs of negative reactions caused by Nolvadex, don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare specialist about the probability to use the drug any longer. Sure that not everyone who takes Nolvadex suffers from unwanted side effects, however, there are some adverse reactions, which have been reported by those who have already taken the medication: gastrointestinal disorders (anorexia, nausea, vomiting), dizziness, skin rash, hypercalcemia, anemia, moderate metrorrhagia, thrombosis, temperature, clouding of the cornea, retinal degeneration. The symptomatic therapy may be required in case you have taken the larger dose of Nolvadex compared to the one prescribed by the doctor as overdose may lead to the worsening of your health condition.

Things to remember about the combination of Nolvadex and other drugs

Nolvadex can’t be taken together with Cytotoxic agents if you don’t want to have the higher risk of thrombosis. This point should be taken into account when you start using the drug. There are also some things to keep in mind while the course of treatment: it is necessary to control the number of white blood cells, platelets, level of calcium and indicators of blood coagulation.

What are the analogs of Nolvadex drug?

In case you have experienced some side effects taking Nolvadex, you can try its analog choosing the one from the list below:

  • Tamoxifen-Ratiopharm;
  • Vero-Tamoxifen;
  • Tamoksen;
  • Tamoxifen-LENS;
  • Tamoxifen;
  • Tamoxifen citrate;
  • Tamoxifen-Verein;
  • Tamoxifen hexane;
  • Tamoxifen-Ebewe.

However, remember that first you need to ask your doctor if it is possible to change the medication during the course.

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