Propecia Propecia or Finasteride as it may also be called due to the main component it is based on. Propecia is a drug, which impressed the Western market. Currently, it is considered to take its place among the best-sellers among tablets sold at the international market, after Viagra. Propecia is rapidly gaining popularity and strongly advertised in the pharmaceutical market. And this is not by chance. There are a lot of reasons of such fame.

If you intend to take the drugs on the basis of finasteride for the treatment of baldness, then first you need to consult your physician and trichologist. Finasteride should not be taken by women and children. Propecia is in the tablet form where each pill includes 1 mg of finasteride, aimed at men’s treatment.

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How is Propecia’s main active component work?

Finasteride is a means to stop the hair loss. Sometimes finasteride builds a new terminal hair, but this is rare. It is believed that the main task is to stop the further balding. This preparation in pill form should be taken on the daily basis. The drug Propecia is based on finasteride. Propecia has been approved for use by the quality control department of the US Food and Drug (FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or USFDA – governmental agency subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the USA). This is one of two drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of baldness.

When can Propecia be helpful?

It is well-known that nowadays a great number of men suffer from baldness due to the diagnose: Androgenetic alopecia. According to the statistics 95% of the reasons of male baldness is a pathological hair loss in men, which can be noticed in the frontal and parietal head parts.

If not to pay attention to this problem on time, the hair follicles will lose their function. The damaged hair will fall out, if you don’t use such effective hair loss treatment as Propecia.

How does hair loss treatment work?

As it has already been mentioned, Propecia works on the basis of such active component as finasteride. In its turn, this substance is an inhibitor of an enzyme, which is able to change testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This ingredient was used for the prostatic hyperplasia treatment. Then 1 mg of the drug on the daily basis was proven to have a positive effect on the hair loss problems.

Use of Propecia for 3-6 months and you will notice the following benefits provided by the drug in case you take it on the regular basis and not miss a day: These are two main functions Propecia performs:

  • Stimulation of the new hair growth.
  • Resumption of hair follicles supply.

Good news that Propecia is completely side effects free. This means that it is possible to use it lifelong without doing any harm to your body as the doses are too small to cause any negative effects. However, it doesn’t mean that you can overdose it.

How to take Propecia to get the desired results?

It is important to take Propecia every day to get the best possible results. 1 tablet per day is enough to reach your goal and stop the process of baldness. It is recommended to wash it down with pure water and not on an empty stomach. Your doctor may change the dose in case he or she considers it to be not enoughyou’re your health condition. In case of missing one intake of the drug, you shouldn’t take the recommended dose twice.

Don’t think that Propecia doesn’t work if you do not see immediate results as the producer claims that the results will be noticed only in 3 months of its use. However, the period of action can’t be defined exactly as it may depend on many personal factors. Some men report that they have seen the result not earlier than after half a year or even up to 8 months. There is nothing surprising as usually the normal rate of hair growth is 1 cm per month.

Contraindications of Propecia

If you are a man, then nothing to worry about as being designed especially for men, Propecia doesn’t have any contraindications as they refer to women, especially in case they are pregnant. In any way, to be on the safe side it is better to consult a doctor when you have decided to use Propecia as your hair loss treatment.

Adverse effects of Propecia

The only reported side effects in men were: the decreased libido, difficulties with the erectile function and decrease in amount of sperm. However, they were in a small number of men taking the drug. If taken by women by chance, Propecia may cause more serious side effects. The negative reaction is also possible in case of the drug’s overdose.

Is it possible that one missed day of Propecia may have a negative impact on the result?

Propecia overdose may lead to adverse effects. However, they are easy to avoid taking the prescribed doses. In case you have missed one day, for instance, it is not necessary to take twice dose next time. It won’t help you to get the desired result but can harm you.

How effective is Propecia?

According to the clinical tests, we can judge that Propecia is really an effective drug as 90% of men have enjoyed positive results. 40% of men didn’t suffer from the hair loss anymore. Others have admitted hair growth. As for the side effects, there were not many and even if somebody experienced some adverse reaction – it was temporary.

Does Propecia have analogues based on finasteride?

The only drug on the basis of finasteride to stop baldness is Propecia. In this preparation there is 1 mg of finasteride per tablet. For the treatment of baldness you should take 1 tablet per day.

There is also Finpecia – Indian analogue of Propecia (manufactured by CIPLA), which is different from the composition and dosage of Propecia – each tablet contains 1 mg finasteride. This drug is much cheaper than Propecia.

But there are other drugs in which the active ingredient is the same finasteride. However, they are intended for the treatment of BPH. They do not differ in composition, but differ in the dosage of finasteride in each tablet, which is increased to 5 mg compared with Propecia and Finpecia. This includes drugs: Penester, Proscar, Finasta, Finasteride, Alfinal, Vero finasteride Prosterid and others.

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