July 22, 2021

Timmerhus – Beautiful Log House For You

By nera

Have you ever attracted by the scenic log houses of European nations? These houses are made of log woods which are commonly called Timmerhus in the Swedish language. A log house is made of interlocking horizontal logs of woods. These logs are used in many different shapes like round, square or hewn shapes. Log houses are made from woods of pine and spruce trees. As you guess these trees are popular in European nations like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and other Baltic states, you can find these log houses also in these nations. Sweden is the most popular place where you can find a century ago Timmerhus standing tall with a huge history.

Factors to be considered while choosing Timmerhus

Every Timmerhus is made of wood must have all the following characteristics to have an aesthetic architectural look.

  • Artistic look: It is important to choose a timber according to your style and taste. The selection of these wood logs at good lengths and aesthetic looks is very important to give you a hassle-free look construction. Only then your Timmerhus would be a welcoming one.
  • Cost: Consideration of cost is very important in choosing logwood. It is important to compare a variety of timber woods before selecting. Usually, the trees that take a longer time to grow are more expensive. A slowly growing cedar is expensive compared to yellow pine timbers.
  • Resistance to decay: Most tree timbers that are very old are more resistant to decay compared to others. Logs from woods of red cedar, Cyprus and redwood can be considered as they do not decay that easily.
  • Stability: It is important to choose a Timmerhus that are more stable in changing weather conditions and attack of parasites. They are extremely vulnerable to shrinking, drying, twisting, or even breaking. Have a detailed conversation with your Timmerhus provider regarding this.

Log House with Timmerhus

Types of timber for Timmerhus

The following are the most common species of woods that are used for the construction of Timmerhus buildings, houses or log cabins.

  • Pine: It is a cheaper option for you Timmerhus ideas. Due to overexposure to sunlight, the material can get a shade darker than original shade.
  • Spruce: It gives an attractive and stylish look to your cabin as it has a natural white tint.
  • Cedar: It is expensive as the species grow very slowly to become a tree. It can withstand greater temperatures and the best choice for your log cabin.
  • Cypress: It is also widely used in manufacturing Timmerhus but you should take necessary steps to prevent mold formation that usually occurs.

These are insights into types and characteristics of woods you can choose to build your favorite type of Timmerhus at an affordable cost.